Going on a trip on the Genting Dream Cruise? Here’s some very useful tips

Updated 22 Nov 2019

My family of four have just returned from a 6 days 5 night cruise onboard the Genting Dream Cruise. And here is our review and some tips we wished other websites had told us about.


I just want to point out that this blog is not sponsored by Dream Cruise.

Before our cruise I was doing a lot of read ups on the cruise and I believe 99% of the information out there are written by influencers. Influencers are people who own blogs and companies approach these people to write favourably about their products or services on their blogs. In return the influencers will get payment, or free products.

So what you are about to read here is 100% RAW and not made to sound perfect for the brand and services.

Dream Cruises or Royal Caribbean Cruise?

If you have yet to book your cruise, then this will most likely be your biggest question. Based on my research I managed to summarised the below.

In a very short summary, Royal Caribbean Cruise is from Norway and they operate worldwide. They also have the BIGGEST cruise ship in the world – Symphony of the Seas. In fact, they own most of the top 10 biggest cruise ships in the world! But only Quantum of the Seas is based in Singapore.

The programs, crews, and entertainment onboard are western, AKA Ang Mo style.

Dream Cruises on the other hand is from Malaysia and own by the Genting Group. It used to be called Star Cruise (ahhh… now it rings a bell).

Dream Cruises currently has 3 cruise ships operating in the Asia Pacific region: Genting Dream, World Dream, and Explorer Dream. Genting Dream and World Dream are sister ships and is quite huge (more details later on). Only Genting Dream is based in Singapore while World Dream is based in Hong Kong. Explorer Dream is the oldest ship and cruise from Shanghai down Hong Kong and then further to Australia and New Zealand.

The programs, crews, and entertainment onboard are geared towards Asian taste. So if you are Asian you will feel more at ease.

Price wise, I believe they are about the same but I can’t say about the quality and experience for Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Genting Dreams and Quantum of the Seas Comparison

Genting DreamsQuantum of the Seas
Rank in size2311
Year Built20162014
Gross Tonnage150,695168,666
Length335.33 m347.08 m
Beam44.1 m49.47 m
Max Passenger45004,905

Genting Dream: Which Stateroom/Class?

Balcony Staterooom Genting Dream
The stateroom was surprising spacious and well equipped.

Of course, if you have the money you should always go for The Palace. It is the equivalent of First Class cabin as seen in the movie The Titanic. You get all sorts of treatment and priorities. “Women and children first” does not apply to these people throughout the trip. They get priority for everything, even immigration clearance. I leave it up to you to read it on the influencers’ websites.

So now you are left with 4 classes (or staterooms as they prefer to call it) of cabin to choose from if you do not have the budget for The Palace class, namely: Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, Balcony Deluxe.

Interior Stateroom

As the name suggests, you will live within the very interior of the ship. You will have no window and the rooms are slightly smaller. If this is your first cruise you will NOT want this. You will kill just to get a view of the ocean, trust me.

The reason why people want this type of room is for gambling. They have no interest in the view and the room serve them as a place to sleep and nothing more.

Some people who are regular on cruise will go for this type of room as well because they will be spending most of their awake time out on deck or at events.

Oceanview Stateroom

This room is economical and yet you get to see the ocean! You have a window within your room. That’s all. And these rooms are usually on the lower decks, which means less rocking and rolling in rougher seas.

Yay! But seeing is not enough for sure. You need to smell the salt in the air when you wakes up! You need to feel the breeze on your hair before going to bed!

Balcony Stateroom

Panoramic view from balcony stateroom
Panoramic view outside our balcony – no land in sight!

This is where the meaning of going on a cruise starts.

A balcony.

A balcony is all that matters and is all that matters when stateroom is concerned. The children will go berserk. Your spouse will turn romantic, again, after years of marriage.

Nothing beats watching the sun set over the horizon on the balcony with the sea breeze caressing your face and hair.

Select this, pay, and be happy. 😄😄😄

Balcony Deluxe

If you have some extra money to burn for a bathtub and some extra room, select this. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the Balcony Stateroom.

Genting Dream: Stateroom Price Comparison

The price differences are not really that huge between the four types of staterooms.

A typical 5 night cruise (for a family of 2 adults and 2 children) price I grabbed from Dream Cruises website as at September 2019.

InteriorOceanviewBalconyBalcony Deluxe

Source: Dream Cruises Website

(If you are keen to know, The Palace will cost SGD$8,000 😅 upwards!)

The prices quoted are before gratuity charges. If you book from a travel agency, always remember to ask them to quote NETT price. Some agencies we checked with did not include port charges and gratuity charges.

For your information, the port charges we paid for Singapore – Redang – Sihanoukville – Laem Chabang – Singapore were SGD$105 per person. The gratuity fees (aka tips) was $105 per person as well. Therefore, a family of 4 will incur a hidden cost of SGD$840!!!! 😡

Furthermore, shore excursions are not included and they usually cost about SGD$100 or more per person per port of call. For a family of four that will cost you $100 x 4 person x 3 ports of calll = $1,200!!! 😪

Before we booked the cruise we thought everything was covered. But we were so wrong!!

Genting Dream: How Many Nights?

2 nights will be too short. 3 nights will still be kind of short if you are bringing children but alright if it is just the two of you. 5 nights is ideal when you are bringing the children.

The ship is big and you will not be able to explore the facilities fully if you are on a 2/3 nights cruise. Forget the first and last day they don’t count! These are used up by lengthy logistics and immigration matters.

Genting Dream aft
View from aft of The Lido Restaurant

On our first day, we hardly have any time to explore the ship. The ship left port at 5pm and by the time we settled in it was time for dinner. Part of the reason was we spent hours on our balcony admiring the view of the CBD from the sea. We just stood there. Awed by the size of the ship. Awed by the sea. Awed by the beautiful view. At this point in time you will feel that it is worth every single cent you have paid for this cruise. 🤗

Immediately after dinner the children were exhausted by then. We took turns to take showers, changed into fresh clothes, watched some TV, spent even more time on the balcony and then it was time for bed.

On our last day, our ship docked at 11am and the morning was about breakfast, packing up, and then off the ship.

So there you have it, two days are literally wasted.

Once you have booked your cruise, please see the next post on what to prepare, what to expect, and what to do first.

Thank you for reading.